Suites Casas de los Reyes


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We present a new concept of accommodation: Suites Casas de los Reyes, in Toledo.

6 Suites located around a Toledo patio. All the comforts of a room, but with greater comfort and spaciousness.

The suites have a capacity of 2 to 4 people per room. All of them have a room inside the room giving greater comfort and breadth to it. The 3 and 4-seater suites also have a sofa-bed in the living room.

The suites are located in a building annexed to the Hospedería (c/Perales, 3 Toledo, Spain), giving the same service and located in front of the wall of the Imperial city, next to the famous Puerta de Bisagra, whose view can be enjoyed from the balcony of some habitations.

The building consists of 6 suites located around a Toledo courtyard. Our suites offer you all the comforts of a room, but you can enjoy a greater comfort and spaciousness during your stay thanks to its interior rooms. It has easy parking in the area and its location is perfect to make a visit to the city on foot, being very close to the escalator.

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